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A Charmed Life

A Charmed Life

Well, what can I say? Just about anything, hopefully. I'm simply planning to put any daily thoughts about the world around me on here. You know, that stuff that you feel should be written down and not just forgotten about. How a rat just ran into my kitchen and stole a piece of breadcrumb off the floor when it thought I wasn't looking. How the cat named Poppy then got that dastardly rat as he sloped back out to the garden. BOOOM - straight in the jaws and the rat was wailing like a Banshee. Just desserts? Just life, I suppose.

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  • The Case of The Ethnographic Allegory

    23 July 2016 ( #Ethnography, #History, #Culture, #Samoa )

    I'm a big fan of James Clifford since he taught me back in the '90s. James Clifford is known not for ethnography but for theoretical work on the meanings of ethnographic authority and ethnographic allegory. "The Predicament of Culture" brings together...

  • How Kava and Tô Became The Noble Plants of Tonga

    18 August 2016 ( #ethnobiology, #tonga, #History )

    In ancient days, there was only one family living on one of the islands called 'Eveiki. They were Fevanga (father) and Fefafa (mother), and their only daughter named Kava. One day they heard that the Tu'i Tonga (king) had landed on the island and would...

  • What's All This About Weed Pollen?

    18 August 2016 ( #hay fever, #allergies, #plants )

    So... I get nasty hay fever. The sort where your nose drips, your eyes are red mucus-filled membranes on stalks and your throat feels like it has fishing hooks draping down the esophagus. A Triumvirate of Fevers I used to get it twice a year without fail....

  • Fiji and The Indian Capitalist

    15 September 2016 ( #Pacific Islanders )

    In Fiji it would appear that Indians, by virtue of their history, are more disposed to dealing with the world capitalist economy than Fijians. This is because many more Fijians than Indians live in isolated rural communal settings -- on the periphery...

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